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Standard Process For Application of Service
  • Fill out Application for Services
  • Meet Deposit Requirements
CommercialElectric$300.00 minimum (or 1/6 of annual billing)
CommercialWater$75.00 minimum (or 1/6 of annual billing)
ResidentialWater$ 50.00

Deposits may be waived if a "Letter of Credit" is submitted from a utility company and meets our requirements of one year prior service, within the last two years, and no more than two (2) late payment during the 12 month period. The Letter of Credit must be faxed to the City of Lockhart by the utility company at 512-398-4196. If the Letter of Credit is walked in, it must be a certified copy.

Deposits are refunded to the utility account after one year if the account has a good payment record with no delinquencies, disconnects for non-payment, or returned checks.

  • A $25.00 connection fee is required. This is not part of the deposit and is non-refundable.

  • Bring in identification; drivers license and social security card of applicant. Two forms of ID are required.

  • Applicants of rental property must bring in their signed lease agreement. Owners must provide us proof of ownership.

  • Before service can be connected, there must be an inspection made on the residence or building. You must contact the inspections department at 398-3461 ext. 400 and make arrangements. Allow a few days before actually needing service in case there are code violations that need to be resolved.

  • There is a new process for handling move-ins and move-outs that can lower the connect fee. This is not a mandatory process. Check with your landlord as to whether they are using this process. The customer service department will be glad to inform you as to how this process works.

For more information contact:

Lockhart City Hall
P.O. Box 239
Lockhart, TX 78644
512-398-3461 local
512-376-2910 metro
512-398-4196 fax

For more information about a specific department: