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Sustainable Places Project
The Sustainable Places Project (SPP) is an ambitious regional initiative to help Lockhart and other Central Texas cities create livable places that reflect community goals and values and that will thrive as the region continues to grow and change. The project addresses the choices faced by Lockhart and by Central Texas about housing, transportation, economic development, community health and vitality, the natural and cultural environment, and more. In Lockhart, the SPP consulting team worked with City staff and community stakeholders to explore future development scenarios for the "demonstration site", chosen as the focus of the project. That demonstration site area includes the historic downtown and nearby properties both north and south along Colorado Street (US 183).

Lockhart is one of five cities in Central Texas that are home to SPP demonstration sites for which plans and tools have been developed. The other participating cities are Austin, Elgin, Hutto, and Dripping Springs. These communities were chosen to take part in the SPP after a competitive application process. In addition to developing plans for the five demonstration sites, the SPP also created an innovative Web-based analytic tool that all Central Texas communities can use to understand the impact of different growth scenarios and choices. Development of this tool by a team led by the University of Texas also incorporated insights and feedback from Lockhart and the other demonstration sites.

Learn more about SPP-Lockhart at, or by contacting Dan Gibson, City Planner, by phone at (512) 398-3461, ext. 236, or by e-mail at

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Lockhart Final Report 2013

Lockhart Final Appendix 2013