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The Barbecue Capital of Texas

There are four BBQ restaurants in Lockhart. The restaurants estimate that about 5,000 people visit their establishments each week. This would be roughly 250,000 people a year who eat BBQ in Lockhart.

BBQ Restaurants

Blacks BBQ

Blacks Barbeque
Located at 215 N. Main Street is internationally known and was established in 1932. It is one of the oldest barbecue restaurants in Texas that has been continuously owned and operated by the same family. ( Black's has been recognized in various publications such as the New York Times and Texas Monthly magazine. The May, 1997 issue of Texas Monthly selected Black's BBQ as one of Texas' fifty best barbecue restaurants. During President Lyndon Johnson's term in the 1960's, the President asked Black's BBQ to provide barbecue sausage to be served on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol in front of the Smithsonian Institute. With Secret Service and Department of the Agriculture personnel supervising the operations, the sausage was prepared and flown directly to Washington, D.C. for this Presidential affair.

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Chisholm Trail BBQ

Chisholm Trail Barbeque
Located at 1323 S. Colorado, is a young upstart as things go in the Lockhart barbecue business. The restaurant was opened in 1978 by Floyd Wilhelm who sold his fishing boat to raise enough money to open a restaurant. According to Wilhelm, 'sometimes I look back and think I must have been crazy. Starting a barbecue place here was like putting a ballpark across from Yankee Stadium since Kreuz Market has been in business since 1900 and rated by some as best in the nation, and Black's Barbecue started smoking in 1932 and advertises itself as the 'Oldest in Texas-Same Family.'

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Kreuz BBQ

Kreuz Barbeque
Kreuz Market (pronounced 'Krites') located at 619 North Colorado Street might be the most unique dining experience you've ever had. The beef, sausage or pork is served on brown butcher paper. No side dishes here. But you can enjoy a slice of cheddar cheese, chunk of onion, fresh tomatoes, avocado and your favorite beverage. Don't ask for barbecue sauce. They don't have it and quite honestly are offended if anyone asks. The owners say, 'good barbecue doesn't need sauce.'

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Smittys BBQ

Smittys Market
Located at 208 S. Commerce. When you're the Barbecue Capital of Texas, and you already have three of the best barbecue joints in the state, what do you do when another one comes along? You loosen your belt and settle in for some more great eating 'cause there's no such thing as too much good barbecue!

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Texas Legislature, first the House of Representatives in the Spring of 1999, then in the Fall of 2003, the Senate passed a resolution proclaiming Lockhart to be The Barbecue Capital of Texas.

The day the resolution was passed Lockhart barbecue restaurant owners, Lockhart's Mayor and Council Members, as well as representatives from the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce posed for a group photograph with Former State Representative Rick Green.