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Lockhart Community News
City Council Recap September 21, 2021

  A proclamation recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month, water/wastewater rate adjustments, along with solid waste and cemetery fees, and the creation of a comprehensive sidewalk policy were some of the items discussed in last night’s City Council Meeting.


Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation: The Mayor issued a proclamation recognizing September 15-October 15, 2021 as Hispanic Heritage Month. Representatives from the Greater Caldwell County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce were on hand to accept the proclamation and offer remarks.



Utility Rate changes:

  1. Water: City Council voted to approve new water rates that are based on customers’ meter size and usage, a common practice among municipal utility providers. The rate change will be as follows for residential customers:
    1. Monthly Base Charge:
    2. Consumption Charge per 1,000 gallons:

    Rates are adjusted to ensure revenue sustainably funds the ongoing provision of safe and reliable water service, while also covering the current debt obligation associated with water infrastructure improvements. Changing the pricing on each usage tier promotes conservation by charging a higher amount for non-essential usage, while promoting affordability through the minimum usage, and lower price tiers that capture “essential” indoor usage.


    The new rates will be phased-in over a three-year period and will begin in the second billing cycle in November 2021.


  2. Wastewater: Councilmembers also set the new wastewater rates, which factors in City customers’ meter size. The new wastewater minimum base charge will still use a customer’s winter average to calculate the monthly billing for wastewater services. That means, the bill will include the new minimum base charge and their winter average usage multiplied by the new variable charge. For residential customers, it will be as follows:


    The last time wastewater rates were adjusted for Lockhart was eight years ago (2013) and the city has grown steadily since then. The increase was deemed necessary in order to keep up with the growth, to promote conservation, to sustainably fund Lockhart’s wastewater services, and recover costs associated with the GBRA collections and treatment of wastewater operations and current debt obligations.


    The new wastewater rates will be effective in November’s second billing cycle.


    NOTE: While the water and wastewater rates will increase the bill for City customers, the rates charged to City customers are still fairly average when compared to similar communities in Central Texas.


  3. Solid Waste Collection: With City Council’s approval, Lockhart residents will be paying less for solid waste services. City Council decided to provide a $2.70/month decrease in all residential accounts, another $1.05 discount for all senior/disabled accounts on top of the current discount and lowered voluntary residential curbside recycling services from $5.87 to $3.50/month. The new solid waste rates go into effect on the first billing cycle of October.


  4. Cemetery: Council members also agreed to increase cemetery plot sale fees as follows:

It was necessary to raise the cemetery rates to help with increasing maintenance and administrative costs. The last time the price was adjusted was 22 years ago (1999).


Sidewalk policy: City Staff asked City Council for guidance on the creation of a comprehensive sidewalk policy for Lockhart. Councilmembers asked Staff about sidewalk construction standards, sidewalk ownership, along with what other cities’ sidewalk policies are like. The Mayor acknowledged that sidewalks’ rehabilitation and maintenance have been an ongoing issue in the city. Councilmembers ultimately directed City Staff to present a policy draft in an October City Council meeting.  


Parklet: Though not in the agenda, several business owners and residents appeared before City Council expressing their support for the parklet located on N. Main St., relative to the Little Trouble restaurant. The parklet’s permit expires on Saturday, September 25th, after a three-month permit extension. City Council agreed to take up the issue as an agenda item at a later date and directed City Staff to prepare a temporary 30-day extension for the parklet. During that extension, Staff was also instructed to draft a parklet policy within that timeframe to be taken up at a future City Council Meeting.


**Prior to the adjourning last night’s meeting, City Council cancelled the October 5th Council meeting. The next City Council meeting will be October 19, at 6:30 p.m.

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