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Spring City-wide Bulk Pickup : March 25, 2023

It’s that time of the year again! Lockhart will have its City-wide Bulk Pickup event on Saturday, March 25, at 7 a.m.


This event is FREE and open to Lockhart residents ONLY. Central Texas Refuse (CTR), the City’s solid waste contractor, requires participants to place bulk items at the curb BY 7 a.m. the day of collection.

**The bulk cleanup event DOES NOT include apartment complexes and commercial businesses.


Accepted items:

  • Non-freon appliances (Please provide two feet of side clearance for appliances)
  • Carpeting (Cut and rolled less than 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 40 lbs.)
  • Furniture
  • Scrap metal (Less than 4 ft. long)
  • Wooden fencing material/treated wood (Bundled less than 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 40 lbs. and free of nails, screws, concrete, and metal)
  • Mattresses

Non-eligible items:

  • Freon appliances (Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioner units)**
  • Televisions and computers
  • Automotive products/fluids
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Demolition/construction debris or metal fencing
  • Tires
  • Batteries, ammunition, or explosives
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt and sand, masonry
  • Railroad tie lumber
  • Pianos, hot tubs, motorcycles, vehicle parts, or items larger than a normal size appliance
  • Tree limbs and brush

Non-eligible items and items placed at the curb after 7 a.m. the day of bulk pickup will be the residents’ responsibility to discard. When placing items, please do not block the sidewalk!


**Freon appliances that are cleared of freon and tagged by certified or licensed technician will be picked up. For freon appliance recycling services, contact Appliance Collector (512) 650-0528.


If you have any questions or encounter any pickup issues, please contact Central Texas Refuse Customer Service at (512) 243-2833 or customerservice@centraltexasrefuse.com.

City Council Recap: January 17, 2023

U.S. EPA’s revised Lead and Copper Rule, subdivision regulations, U.S. EDA grant update, and zoning ordinance were discussed in Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.


U.S. EPA Lead and Copper Rule Revisions: The Public Works Director updated Council on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. These amendments strengthen treatment requirements, proactively identify and remove lead service lines, expand testing in schools and childcare facilities, and require water systems to notify customers of samples exceeding action levels within 24 hours. The City of Lockhart currently tests for lead and copper every three years and complies with the current Lead and Copper Rule. In these tests, lead level results have remained under action levels (>0.015 mg/l) as required by federal and state regulations. The City aims to meet the new requirements by October 2024 as required.


Subdivision Regulations: Councilmembers approved amendments to Chapter 52 “Subdivision Regulations” of the Lockhart Code of Ordinances. The subdivision regulations set standards for the design of residential subdivisions within the city and ETJ.


U.S. EDA Grant Update: Council selected TRC Engineering to provide professional design services for 2.5 miles of wastewater line to serve west Lockhart and the Lockhart Industrial Park III. The project is funded through the U.S. Department of Commerce-Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant.


Zoning Ordinance Amendments: Council approved amendments to Chapter 64 “Zoning” of the Lockhart Code of Ordinances, revising:

  • Definitions of various land uses; and,
  • Deleting or changing existing land uses, and adding new land uses listed as allowed by-right or as a specific use in the Agricultural-Open (AO), Public Institutional (PI), Residential Light Density (RLD), Residential Medium Density (RMD), Residential High Density (RHD), Commercial Low Business (CLB), Commercial Central Business (CCB), Commercial Medium Business (CMB), Commercial High Business (CHB), Industrial Light (IL), and Industrial High (IH) zoning districts.


City Manager’s Report:

  • Spring Bulk Pickup event: The Spring City-Wide Bulk Cleanup event has been scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 7 a.m. The event is FREE and open to Lockhart residents only. Bulk pickup does not include apartment complexes and commercial businesses. For questions, contact Central Texas Refuse at (512) 243-2833.
  • Sidewalk Improvements Project: Bidding for the Sidewalk Improvements Project starts on January 19th and are due on February 9th. The estimated cost for the project is $315,000 for the replacement of approximately 3,300 linear feet of deficient sidewalks and 22 ramps. This item is anticipated to be on the February 21st City Council Meeting for bid award consideration.
  • CDBG Grant Award: The City has been awarded a 2021-2022 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The grant amounts to $350,000 with a $70,000, or 20-percent match, which will be used to replace approximately 1,500 residential water meters.
  • City Council/Planning & Zoning Commission Joint Workshop UPDATE: City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission met for a second joint workshop last Thursday, January 12, 2023. In these joint meetings, Council and P&Z Commissioners have received updates on State Highway projects from TxDOT and City utilities, planning, capital improvements, housing and developments—in which Staff, Council and P&Z discussed strategies on how to make Lockhart more livable.


ATTENTION: This is a recap of the highlights of action taken at the January 17, 2023, meeting. The complete agenda can be found by visiting: City of Lockhart, TX (lockhart-tx.org).


Special City Council/Planning and Zoning Commission Recap: January 12, 2023

For the second City Council/Planning and Zoning Commission joint workshop Thursday, the City’s Senior Planner briefed City Council, Planning and Zoning Commissioners and City Staff on the status of housing developments and growth in Lockhart and the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA. The link to his presentation is included in this Recap.


  1. Housing: Housing in Lockhart has been experiencing significant growth, with several projects currently underway. 185 single-family residential permits were issued through November 2022, as compared to 2021’s 94 permits. One permit was issued for multifamily projects in 2022, compared to two in 2021. Despite the rate of growth, the housing market remains tight: very few houses are available for sale, and there are waiting lists for apartments in town.
    1. Regional Housing Trends: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2021, the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA saw 50,907 total housing units permitted.
      1. 24,486 single-family (48.1%)
      2. 494 duplex (1%)
      3. 285 3-4 plex (0.6%)
      4. 26,642 multifamily (52.3%)--Housing trends tipped towards multifamily units in the Austin region due to rapid population growth, high land prices, high single-family housing prices putting homeownership out of reach for large segments of the population.
    2. Single-Family Housing: Availability of single-family housing provides opportunities for new residents to live and invest in Lockhart, creates a tangible asset to build wealth, and helps attract desired retail and larger healthcare facilities.
      1. Challenges: Single-family housing trends towards smaller lots due to increasing land prices, interest rates, and tighter land development economics lead to a lack of diversity in lot size and square footage of homes.
    3. Multifamily Housing: Multifamily housing provides opportunity for prospective residents to establish life in Lockhart, along with workforce. The addition of apartment units helps bring the population needed to attract additional retail and services (“retail follow rooftops”).
      1. Challenges: Multifamily housing new construction have been increasing due to land and construction costs and many existing apartment complexes are income restricted. Residents opting towards apartments will not build equity and these units are less suitable for families with children.
  2. Approaches to Growth and Development:
    1. Smart Growth: Development that is environmentally sensitive, economically viable, community oriented and sustainable. Smart growth focuses on the planning and layout of communities and the efficient use of land to maximize community goals and avoid wasteful sprawl.
    2. Strong Towns: Refinement of Smart Growth principles with an enhanced focus on long-term fiscal well-being of cities. It raises awareness of long-term liability of infrastructure dedicated to cities, urges compact development patterns to reduce fiscal liability per resident, warns against nonproductive uses of land (i.e. excessive free parking), urges value per acre calculation instead of gross value per project or lot, and makes streets and development people-friendly, rather than car-oriented.
  3. Comprehensive Plan UPDATE: A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) has been issued seeking qualified consultants to assist the City in developing a new Comprehensive Plan. The City’s current comprehensive plan was drafted in 2000. Once a consultant is selected, the planning process will start around April. Major land use policy changes are expected to be made upon the plan’s adoption, but urgent items can be addressed during the planning process, which could take a year to 18 months to complete.
  4. Next Steps: City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission reached a general consensus to have City Staff come back with recommendations on concerns discussed during the second joint workshop to present to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration.


To view the presentation, click here.

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS: 2022 Sidewalk Improvements Project

Sealed proposals addressed to the City Manager of the City of Lockhart will be received at the Lockhart City Hall, 308 West San Antonio, Lockhart, Texas 78644, until 11:00 A.M., February 9, 2023 for the 2022 Sidewalk Improvements Project, at which time and place will be publicly opened and read aloud.  Any bid received after the closing time will be returned unopened.


The project consists of approximately 1,456 SY of Concrete Sidewalk Replacement; Replacement of 21 Concrete Sidewalk Ramps as required on various City Streets; and all other appurtenances necessary for the completion of the project.


Bidders shall submit with their bids a Cashier's Check in the amount of five percent (5%) of the maximum total bid, payable to the City of Lockhart, Texas without recourse, or a Proposal Bond in the same amount from an approved Surety Company as a guarantee that Bidder will enter into a contract and execute performance and payment bonds on the forms provided, within ten (10) days after the award of Contract.  Bids without a check or Proposal Bond will not be considered.


The successful Bidder must furnish Performance and Payments Bonds each in the amount of 100% of the contract price from an approved Surety Company holding a permit from the State of Texas to act as Surety and acceptable according to the latest list of companies holding certificates of authority from the Secretary of Treasury of the United States, or other Surety or Sureties acceptable to the Owner.


Plans and specifications may be examined without charge at Lockhart City Hall.  Bid Documents and Construction Drawings for the project may be viewed and downloaded free of charge (with the option to purchase hard copies) at www.civcastusa.com.  Bidders must register on this website in order to view and/or download specifications, plans, and other related documents for this project.  Printed copies of the specifications and drawings may also be viewed at the Engineer’s office, TRC Engineers, Inc., 505 East Huntland Drive, Suite 250, Austin, Texas 78752, (512) 454-8716.


Please submit questions for this project 48 hours prior to bid opening through www.civcastusa.com in the Q&A portal.  All addenda issued for this project will be posted on www.civcastusa.com.  It is the responsibility of the Contractor bidding to use proper scaling, paper size, etc., for bid quantities.  Failure to do so may result in an error in the Unit Bid Quantities and/or Bid Amounts.


The City Council of the City of Lockhart reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive formalities.  No bid may be withdrawn within sixty (60) days after the date on which bids are received.



Steven Lewis, City Manager

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS for Comprehensive Planning Services


Comprehensive Planning Services

 City of Lockhart


The City of Lockhart seeks Statements of Qualifications from highly qualified firms for the services related to the development of an Updated Comprehensive Plan.


The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to solicit highly qualified firms to develop an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This includes, but may not be limited to, the following:


  1. Facilitation of Comprehensive Plan workshops, presentation of draft products, findings, and goals to Steering Committee, Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, and other relevant groups.


  2. Gathering of community input through surveys, facilitated meetings, and other forms of outreach.


  3. Preparation of a Comprehensive Plan document, including both a printed document and relevant maps, shape files, and data analyses.


  4. Creation and maintenance of a Comprehensive Plan website during the planning process.


The Consultant selected from the RFQ will be engaged after competitive evaluation based on the "Selection Criteria" set forth in this request.


This request invites consultants to submit proposals for accomplishment of the items of work specified below under Scope of Work and detailed further within this RFQ. Proposals should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the guidelines and requirements set forth in this request.


Sealed proposals: Consultant will deliver three (3) hard copies to the following address:

City of Lockhart

City Hall

308 W. San Antonio St.

Lockhart, Texas 78644

Attention:  Comprehensive Plan


The envelope must be clearly marked “SEALED RFQ”. The name of the Consultant and contact person must be listed on the outside of the envelope. Any restrictions on the use of data within proposals must be clearly stated in the proposal itself. Non-disclosure cannot be guaranteed after the selection stage of this procurement due to public record laws.


Proposal Deadline: 3:00 PM Friday, February 10, 2023

Proposals received after the proposal deadline will be considered late and will not be accepted. Proposals may be withdrawn and/or modified in writing prior to the submission deadline.

Requests for withdrawal must be in writing by the contact person named on the outside of the envelope. Proposals that are resubmitted must be sealed and received prior to the submission deadline. Each Consultant may submit only one proposal.


Background Information


Since the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in 2000, the city has experienced steady growth, which has transitioned to a current period of explosive growth in residential development.  To account for this growth trend, and to ensure all future growth meets the City’s vision for the community, an update to the Comprehensive Plan is needed.  With this update to the plan, consideration of Lockhart’s history, natural environment, culture, economy, and recent planning and policy statements should be incorporated.  Recent planning efforts have included the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2000, with the future land use map most recently updated in 2017, Sustainable Places Project Plan (2012); Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (2018); Target Industry Study (2020); Caldwell County Hazard Mitigation Plan (2020); Wayfinding Master Plan (2021) and the Downtown Revitalization Project (2022). 


Each reply shall include a narrative describing the expected timeline for plan development, public meeting facilitation, gathering of community input, and researching and writing the plan, including specific milestones in the plan development process.



Expected elements or topics covered in Comprehensive Plan would include:


  1. History and Demographics – Overview of Lockhart’s history, population, economy, land uses, thoroughfares, community facilities, and cultural resources.
  2. Community Vision – Vision for the future of Lockhart based on economic and demographic research, community input, and the input of elected and appointed officials and city staff.
  3. Housing – Analysis of supply, condition, and affordability of the city’s housing stock, identify future needs based on emerging trends in age, income, and household composition.
  4. Land Use -- Formulate future land use plan for the City, including creation of future land use map incorporating character districts, nodes and centers based upon research and community input.
  5. Transportation – Analysis of existing motorized, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, including evaluation of capacity and safety, and identification of needed expansions and improvements.Update future thoroughfares and trails maps based upon community input and future needs.
  6. Economic Development -- Analysis of City’s employment, industry sectors and target industries for future growth.
  7. Environment – Analysis of natural environment of the City and its surroundings, including natural assets and hazards.
  8. Sustainability and resilience – Identify and create strategies to anticipate and plan for long term environmental, health, and financial risks to the City
  9. Utilities -- Analysis of capacity of water, wastewater, electric, internet/fiber, and sanitation services.
  10. Community Facilities and Services – Analyze the state of City facilities, services, activities, and programs, create recommendations for the evolution of City facilities and services over the next 20 years.
  11. Public Safety: -- Analysis of crime, emergency services response, and recommended programs and facilities to improve safety of residents and properties.
  12. Health and Wellness – Describe current indicators of health, life expectancy, quality of healthcare, and availability of healthy food and drink.Identification of community needs to improve the City’s overall health profile.
  13. Arts, culture, and tourism – Identify historic and cultural resources, entertainment options, arts programs and recommend programs, promotions and other activities to enhance cultural offerings.
  14. Goals -- Formulate new goals in light of community input and research for all topics covered.
  15. Implementation -- Identify actions necessary to accomplish listed goals, assign responsible parties to achieve goals.


Conceptual Plan and Proposal Submittal Requirements

The Consultant shall provide a Conceptual Work Plan, including a detailed statement of work for the product/services believed to be appropriate for City of Lockhart, addressing the Scope of Services detailed in this RFQ.


The Conceptual Plan should indicate the following, at a minimum:

  • Consultant name, address, and names of primary contacts.
  • Identify project manager. List the project manager’s relevant experience and similar work including references.
  • Restatement of services required (four pages maximum): Attach a restatement of the proposed agreement that outlines its objectives and scope as perceived. Do not repeat the Scope of Services, but elaborate on the tasks, conditions, or other specifics deemed significant and necessary to demonstrate a complete understanding of the technical and substantive issues to be addressed, including the following:
    • A statement of the Consultant’s understanding of the project that demonstrates knowledge of the project requirements.
    • Proposed project approach, including timelines and description of the Consultant’s technical approach to the project, including an outline of the sequence of tasks, major benchmarks, and milestone dates.
    • Proposed use of City staff, as well as any equipment, materials or additional data that will be expected from the City at the onset of the project.
  • Outline personnel skills and services that distinguish the Consultant, incorporating appropriate staff profiles and a description of specific staff that will comprise the project team for this assignment. The staff profile should describe the Consultant’s experience in providing services to the public sector, jobs of similar size(s) and provide applicable certifications for staff members involved in the process. Please attach a description of similar projects completed by the Consultant. Project summaries should emphasize their relevance to the proposed request.
  • Samples of related/comparable past projects that would serve as examples of experience and expertise necessary for this work. This does not include generalized promotional material, resumes, statement of experience, qualifications, or capabilities, or other material that is irrelevant to the proposed agreement.
  • Evidence of ability to work effectively within tight time constraints.
  • Provide the earliest date available to assume these duties.
  • Proposed services to be sub-contracted if any, anticipated subcontractors.
    • Three (3) references are to be included with the proposal.


Submittal Process and Details

All proposals must be submitted as detailed in the manner described herein. Exceptions nor extensions to established deadlines will not be granted.


City of Lockhart will not meet individually in person or via other means with potential Consultant.


City of Lockhart will be accepting questions from January 10, through 4:30 PM, February 3, 2023, regarding this RFQ. Please submit questions via email to David Fowler, Planning Director, at dfowler@lockhart-tx.org.  Written responses will be published on the City’s website www.lockhart-tx.org and distributed to those who submitted questions no later than 3:00 PM on February 5, 2023.


Estimated Timeline

            The Comprehensive Planning Process is expected to take no longer than 1.5 years, with funding allocated over the 2023 and 2024 fiscal years.


The above dates are subject to change at the discretion of the City of Lockhart.


The City of Lockhart City Council reserves the right to accept or reject any and all responses, in part or in whole, and to accept responses, which in its sole discretion and opinion appear to be responsive, responsible, and in the best interests of the City. The City further reserves the right to waive any formalities or informalities or to amend the schedule as necessary.


Proposals must be signed by an official authorized to bind the provider to its provisions for at least a period of 90 days. Failure of the successful Consultant to accept the obligation of the bid may result in the cancellation of any award. A service contract will be executed between the City of Lockhart and the awarded Consultant.


The selected Consultant may not subcontract any of the work specified in this RFP without prior written consent of the City of Lockhart.


Consultant Selection Procedures

City of Lockhart will analyze and evaluate all properly submitted proposals in response to this request using the “Evaluation Criteria” listed in this RFQ to rank all Consultants. Top scoring Consultants will be chosen for further evaluation, which may include interviews and presentations with those firms. Each proposal will be evaluated based on the Evaluation Criteria listed below. Proposals will be ranked in order of the highest numerical score first. The City may select as many of the top ranked Consultants as it deems necessary for inclusion within the negotiating list.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Experience with comprehensive planning activities or programs.
  2. Consultant’s understanding and technical approach to the project.
  3. Availability and capability of staff. Pertinent experience and qualifications of the project team.
  4. Technical and financial resources.
  5. Ability to complete the project in a timely manner and within budget.
  6. Integrity and compliance with public policy.
  7. Location of office. Preference may be given to those consultants with staff or offices in the Austin or San Antonio metropolitan areas.

Work Product and Deliverables

The selected consultant will be expected to provide the following products to the City:


The selected Consultant shall provide a written plan, spreadsheets, maps, shapefiles, graphics, and other documents as necessary to provide the final product to the City in electronic format (PDF) and in printed format (seven print copies).   The Consultant will also create and maintain a Comprehensive Plan website that is updated to reflect upcoming activities and in-progress work products.  All work performed shall become the property and ownership of the City of Lockhart and the City reserves the right to use the produced work as they so choose.



Consultant shall take out and maintain during service to the City under a contract such public liability and property damage insurance as shall protect Consultant, its subcontractors, and the County from claims for damages for personal injury, including accidental death, as well as for claims for property damage, which might arise from operations under its contract with the County, whether such operations be by Consultant or its subcontractor, or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by either of them. All insurance policies shall be issued by responsible companies who are acceptable to the City. The Consultant shall not cause any insurance to be canceled nor permit any insurance to lapse during the life of the contract with the City.

Consultant shall indemnify and hold City harmless from any damages, cost, claims or expenses which may arise as a result of any failure on the part of the Consultant to provide accurate and/or complete data and information to the City as outlined and required by the terms and conditions of its contract with the City.



City Council Recap: January 3, 2023

Recognition of a local church, Texas Monthly BBQ Fest update, Zoning Board of Adjustment appointment, and annexation public hearing were discussed in Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.


Certificate of Recognition: The Mayor presented a Certificate of Recognition to Calvary Church for serving as a warming center during the Christmas arctic blast. 

Texas Monthly: Texas Monthly’s Director of Events, Ms. Melissa Reese updated Council on the 2022 TM BBQ Fest and presented plans for the 2023 TM BBQ Fest, which will be held November 4-5, 2023. Event organizers and City Staff plan to meet in February to create a work plan for the next TM BBQ Fest, which will be presented to Council at a later date.


Zoning Board of Adjustment: Council changed Ms. Marcia Proctor’s position on the Zoning Board of Adjustment from an alternate member to a regular member.


Lay Rd. Annexation: Council approved the voluntary annexation of 92.52 acres located on the east side of Lay Rd., approximately 350 feet east of FM 1322 and approximately 750 north of Seawillow Rd., including the adjacent Lay Rd. right-of-way. The annexation is effective immediately and the tract is zoned AO, Agricultural-Open Space.


City Manager’s Report:

  • Live Christmas Tree Recycling: The City offers FREE live Christmas tree recycling. Call the Public Works Department at (512) 398-6452 to arrange for collection. Prior to curbside pickup, make sure the tree is free of ornaments, lights, tinsel, nails, screws, or tree bases. This program only applies to live Christmas trees. Artificial trees will not be accepted.
  • City offices closed: City offices will be closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 16, 2023. Solid waste collection services will proceed as regularly scheduled for Monday customers.
  • City Council/Planning and Zoning Commission Joint Workshop: The next joint City Council/Planning and Zoning Commission workshop is scheduled for Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. at the City Council Chambers. Among the topics to be discussed is Housing and Development. City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission met for the first joint workshop Tuesday, December 13. TxDOT representatives and City Staff provided updates on State Highway projects and City utilities, planning, and capital improvements at the workshop. DETAILED RECAP: https://www.lockhart-tx.org/page/article/460
  • New Fire Apparatus: Specifications for Lockhart Fire Department’s first-ever ladder truck are being finalized before building begins. The apparatus is scheduled to be completed in early 2024.
  • Economic Development Update: The LEDC closed its sale of 13.6 acres to Titan Development in the Lockhart (SH 130) Industrial Park III. Titan has its building permits approved for a 167,000 sq. ft. building for warehousing, manufacturing, or distribution related companies.


ATTENTION: This is a recap of the highlights of action taken at the January 3, 2023, meeting. The complete agenda can be found by visiting: City of Lockhart, TX (lockhart-tx.org).


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