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Lockhart Community News
Keep grass short to avoid costly penalties, pests

As the area enters its rainiest month, Lockhart officials are reminding residents who live within the city limits to maintain their properties to adhere to city code and avoid penalties.


City ordinances prohibit property owners and occupants from allowing stagnant water to accumulate on their properties and require grass and weed heights not to exceed 12 inches in yards and vacant lots.


“Not only are high grass and weeds unsightly, they pose hazards that include increased risk of fires and creating a habitat for pests like rodents, snakes, mosquitoes and chiggers,” said Mayor Lew White. “Please take the time to maintain your yards and keep the pest population at bay.”


If your grass is taller than 12 inches, a code violation notice will be sent regular mail and a placard will be placed on the lot. The owner or occupant will have 10 days to comply.


Consequences for failure to comply can range from the city mowing the lawn or lot for a fee to a complaint being filed in municipal court.


In most cases, if the owner does not comply within the 10-day period, the city will send a contractor to mow the property and send the owner the bill. The average fee to mow a residential lot is approximately $190. The owner has 30 days to pay the bill to avoid a lien being placed on the property.


If a complaint is filed in municipal court and the owner or occupant is found guilty, the fine ranges from $500-$2,000 and can be assessed for each day the property is in violation of the ordinance.


Texas A&M’s Agrilife Extension recommends taking the following steps to help prevent mosquitoes on your property:


  • Repair window and door screens
  • Mow grass and tall weeds
  • Cut back shrubs and vines
  • Treat shaded areas with a professional pest control application or do-it-yourself spray treatment
  • Remove tires and junk
  • Eliminate any place water can collect and be retained for 7-10 days, especially where piles of soil or leaves are present




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