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Development Services

Fee Schedules


NOTE: New fee schedule for planning and building applications will take effect September 1, 2023. Affected fees include all zoning, platting and planning-related fees, historic permits, sign permits, tree removal permits, variances, public improvement inspections, and engineering plan reviews. The commercial and multifamily building plan review and inspection fees adopted in 2019 remain in place.


 Amending plat/Minor plat/Minor replat  $750, plus $100 per acre
 Final plat/Major replat/Resubdivision  $1,000, plus $100 per acre
 Preliminary plat/Development plat  $1,500, plus $100 per acre


Zoning Change  $250, plus $150 per acre, maximum of $10,000, plus additional $1,000 for Planned Development District (PDD)
Specific Use Permit  $250 plus $150 per acre, maximum of $2,500
 Zoning Variance/Special Exception  $250 plus $150 per acre, maximum of $2,500
Subdivision Variance  $750 per variance requested
PID/MUD/SUD/WCID consent agreement $10,000 minimum escrow, plus professional fees
Zoning Verification Letter $75
Voluntary Annexation $1,500


Family Transfer Exception: $250

Sign Permit: $100 plus $1 per square ft.

Engineering Plan Review Fee (Subdivisions and site plans): $1,000 plus $250/acre, $20,000 maximum

Traffic Impact Analysis Fee: $1,000 plus professional review fees

Fence Permit: $50 residential, $75 commercial

Certificate for Alternation/Historic Landmark: $50

Historic Preservation Tax Abatement: $200

Tree Removal Permit: $100 residential/$200 commercial

Printouts of Maps: $5 per square foot

Public Improvement Inspections: $1,000 per acre

Off-site Utility Extension Review: $1 per foot of utility extension, each utility assessed separately. Also applies to upsizing.

Non-Residential (Commercial) Building Permit fees (based on value of construction)

 $1,000 or less construction cost  No fee unless inspection required ($15 per inspection)
 $1,001 - $50,000 construction cost  $15 plus $5 per thousand over $1,000
 $50,001 - $100,000 construction cost  $260 plus $4 per thousand over $50,000
 $100,001 - $500,000 construction cost  $460 plus $3 per thousand over $100,000
 $500,001 or more construction cost  $1660 plus $2 per thousand over $500,000

Commercial electrical repair/remodel: $75

Commercial electrical, new construction: $75

Commercial plumbing repair/remodel: $75

Commercial plumbing, new construction: $75, hotels, multifamily and similar configurations, $20/unit

Commercial swimming pool: $150


Residential fees

Residential dwellings, new construction: Forty-five cents (45¢) per square foot.

Residential dwellings, improvements, room additions, garages, carports and deck with cover: Twenty-five cents (25¢) per square foot, minimum of Twenty-five dollars ($25)

Driveways, storage buildings, re-roofing and deck with no cover: Twenty-five dollars ($25) flat fee

Residential electric, new construction: $75

Residential electrical repair/remodel: $75

Electrical Meter Loop: $75

Residential plumbing repair/remodel: $75

Residential plumbing, new construction: $75

Residential mechanical repair/remodel: $75

Residential mechanical, new construction: $75

Residential building repair/remodel: $75

Residential swimming pool: $125

Residential Inspection Fee: $75 in addition to permit fee


Re-Inspection fee
$100 for each residential and non-residential (commercial) re-inspection. Re-inspection includes Construction, Plumbing & Gas, Mechanical and Electrical Inspections or any other required inspections.

Permit Renewal fee

Roof Permit fee:


Moving fee
For the moving of any building or structure, the fee shall be $75.

Demolition fee
For the demolition of any building or structures, the fee shall be $75.

Plan checking fee
One half (50%) of building permit fee

Electrical tap fee
$200 for residential overhead service, variable for others (check with Electric Utility)


Impact Fees


Roadway Impact Fees

Water/Wastewater Impact Fees

Water tap fee

 3/4 inch  $425
 1 inch  $500
 2 inch  $1,075
 Over 2 inchesBore fee  Variable (check with Water/Wastewater Department)
 Bore fee (if applicable)  Variable (check with Water/Wastewater Department)

Sewer tap fee

 4 inch  $425
 6 inch  $525
 8 inch or larger  $25 (inspection fee only)

Black & white copies (per printed side per sheet)

 11" x 17"  $0.50
 8 1/2" x 11" and 8 1/2" x 14"  $0.10
 Larger than 11" x 17"  $5.00

Color prints/plots

 11" x 17" and smaller  $1.50
 Larger than 11" x 17"  $5.00


If you have any questions, please contact Yvette Aguado at yaguado@lockhart-tx.org.

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